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This website is designed for the new mom who wants to breastfeed. If you are pregnant and plan to breastfeed your baby, this site is for you, too!

Congratulations to all who realize that HUMAN milk is the best nutrition for human babies!  Breastmilk has over 400, possibly over 600 ingredients now, and is “species specific”, designed for the growth of a human baby. It is like white blood with antibodies, enzymes, stem cells, growth factors, oligosaccharides … and the list goes on!  Even the researchers can’t provide a complete list because they continue to discover more ingredients the more they study human milk.

Formula is made from cow’s milk.  Plant protein like soy are found in your “non-diary” formulas.  Cow’s milk or soy-based artificial formulas can’t compare to human milk — the number of ingredients is only double digits — one count of a bottle label listed only 29 ingredients!

Your milk not only provides food, but contains your immunity to protect your baby from illness and disease.  All your vaccinations and antibodies will impart immunity to your little one.  For your baby, nothing comes close to the original product, which is your milk!

Happy breastfeeding!

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