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What is “tongue-tie”?

Tongue Tie
Tongue Tie
Tongue tie, or “ankylglossia”, is a condition where a little string or band of tissue called a frenulum is attached to the underside of baby’s tongue and anchors it to the floor of the mouth. This may restrict movement of the baby’s tongue and prevent a good latch during feedings. This tissue is left over from embryonic development. The baby’s tongue tip may appear to be bunched, thick, flat, or shaped like an inverted heart when baby sticks out his tongue. (Google or search “tongue tie” for images.) Tongue tie can lead to a shallow latch, nipple pain, weight loss or slow weight gain,and it is frequently associated with GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux. It can sometimes lead to speech problems in early childhood. A qualified ENT/ MD or DDS (dentist) can evaluate the baby and may elect to clip the tie, a quick and painless procedure. For more info, check this site:

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