Baby Milk Action & Advocacy

Nestle Boycott

There are so many ways to get involved with protecting breastfeeding! You know how much breastfeeding benefits mom and baby. But did you know that aggressive marketing by pharmaceutical companies and formula manufacturers like Nestle mislead mothers everywhere — especially in Third World countries? Babies in Africa and other impoverished nations are more likely to die from diarrheas and intestinal disease — one of the leading causes of death in countries with poor quality drinking water — dirty water which is used to mix powdered formula! This is why breastfeeding, NOT formula, saves lives in these countries. Even if the mother has HIV, breastfeeding is the better choice where the water is not good! Here are links to projects or advocacy that you can donate to or become informed about breastfeeding advocacy:

Baby Milk Action

The Milky Way Movie (this project needs another 60K in the next two days to get funded!)

Get involved! Protect mums and babies everywhere!

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