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As a provider with Aetna, I provide breastfeeding help or “lactation consultations” to you and your baby and Aetna pays for our appointments.  Because Aetna pays me, you do not need to apply for reimbursement of services.  Aetna provides you with 6 visits a year — you will probably not use them all because this is more than what most people need to solve their breastfeeding problems!  Aetna supports breastfeeding mothers and newborns by providing this important service — use it to meet your breastfeeding goals!

Who am I?   I am an IBCLC, certified with the International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA) and I am a licensed registered nurse (RN) with more than 35 years of nursing experience.  I am a family nurse practitioner or advanced practice nurse in New Jersey, having recently completed my Master’s of Science of Nursing (MSN) through Drexel University.  From practical experience, I breastfed my own children until they were ready to wean themselves (okay, 3 1/2 years old).  My first child was premature at 28 weeks and I pumped milk until he could breastfeed directly from me.

Scheduling an Appointment    If you have Aetna, you probably found my name through “DocFind”.  I verify your insurance when we schedule an appointment. To do this, you must send a scan or photo copy of driver ID (with current address) and copy of your insurance card to:  If you do not have a driver’s license, a picture ID or your husband’s driver’s ID is good.  I will email you some forms to print and fill out — this makes the appointment more efficient so we don’t spend too much time filling out paperwork!

Appointments    All appointments take between 1.5 to 2 hours:  prenatal appointments as well as postpartum appointments.  For prenatal appointments, it is handy if you know your LMP (last menstrual period date) and EDC (due date).  If this is a postpartum visit, baby’s name, date of birth, if baby is covered under your Aetna plan, and when your symptoms or difficulty started.

Please obtain your OB and Pediatrician’s FAX numbers prior to the appointment in addition to their phone numbers.  For your appointment, I need to see both mother and baby(s).  If you are using a nipple shield, please bring it.  If you are pumping, please bring a pump flange for a fit check.  If you have low supply and would like to have a pressure check of your pump, please bring it with you along with a flange.

Aetna NJ Provider


Location    I am currently seeking a new office location and will update with new address.


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