Belly Ball
Belly Ball – Newborn stomach at birth only the size of a large marble.

Two Month Old Baby's FaceAre You Weaning Your Newborn?

Many new moms in the first few days after birth think they “don’t have enough milk” or are concerned that baby “isn’t getting enough”. It is rare that a mother doesn’t have milk — ask your nurse or lactation consultant to help you check for colostrum!  Many times dads and well-meaning grandmothers pressure mommy to supplement with formula. Remember: a newborn’s tummy has a storage capacity only as big as a marble! That’s 5 to 15cc — not very much!  If baby has 1 stool or movement and 1 urine in the first 24 hours, baby is fine and “getting enough”! (peeing on the doctor or nurse in labor & delivery counts, too!). On the second day, 2 pees and 2 stools.

As soon as you add one bottle of formula, you are beginning the weaning process. Every formula feeding takes away one breastfeeding session.

Don’t wean your little one before you start!

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